Landscaping and Gardening

Our plant care people are professionals, educated and trained in the care of interior plants in business environments. A plant care horticulturist will come by on a regular schedule to give your plants the best possible care.

From small home offices to the headquarters of large corporate companies, any workplace can be vastly improved by the addition of plants. Unfortunately, plants don’t naturally thrive in office environments. It takes tender care to keep an indoor plant healthy and green. Fortunately, IFM Service can help with our complete plant service, offering hired plants to businesses and providing the appropriate level of indoor plant care and maintenance to keep them healthy and alive.

We’ll come to you

We understand that running a business is time consuming, leaving you little time to tend to neglected workplace plants. That’s why we offer a convenient service where we’ll come directly to your workplace to provide indoor plants maintenance. We won’t let your plants wither and die; instead, they’ll receive the full care they require.

Indoor plant care

Many people mistakenly believe that plants require little ongoing care. Unfortunately, watering a plant every now and then just isn’t going to cut it. Plants need a balance of light, water and fertiliser, with some requiring regular trimming and pruning. These needs are especially important when the plant is in an indoor office that may not provide a hospitable environment.

Indoor plant maintenance

Indoor plant maintenance is necessary to keep plants in good health. IFM will ensure your plants are properly maintained in all aspects. We can provide everything from trimming and pruning services, to fertilisation and even repotting of plants that have outgrown their original containers.

Cleaning and plant replacements

Time can cause the pot of a plant to become dirty or marked, making it unsightly. As part of our indoor plant care service, we can clean pots so they’ll look brand new, using methods that aren’t harmful to the plant. Over time, you may find you tire of a certain plant and want a change of scenery. The best way to do this is to replace the plant with another new type. IFM Service can help you choose an appropriate plant that will look great in your workplace.